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So, I'm still in the baby steps of learning to TIG weld, I'm getting the itch to actually weld something of use, instead of just laying beads on plate. (although I've been so busy at work, I've not had much time to even do a whole lot of beads period!) Thinking maybe exhaust pipes would be an easy thing to do, all butt welds accept for the flanges, and I can easilly take it over inside the garage and sit down to take my time with it.

I've been mulling around the idea of making a larger exhaust for my Turbo Diesel Willys. Right now, the entire exhaust is 1.75" in diameter, including the down pipe. (2.2L motor) There is room for a much larger diameter exhaust. Would it be useless to put say, a 3" exhaust on here? I keep reading that larger exhaust is better for turbos, but this is usually in regards to much larger displacement motors. Would I get any power (or turbo whistle sound!?) out of larger pipes?

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