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Originally Posted by badassblaze View Post
Mine reads the same. Stock tune it'll jump up to about 24k psi. I don't think you're gonna hurt anything honestly.

I had the same exact problem you did and it turned out to be a cracked water in fuel sensor. Under hard throttle it was sucking in air and loosing rail pressure, I don't remember how I found the crack, but it wasn't easily visible. I was getting the same code as you were from time to time, and losing prime occasionally. I replaced it (and eventually went to the Nicktane adapter and cat filters and eliminated it all together) and smooth sailing.

I remember now. I thought it was collapsing fuel lines from the CP3 suction, and added a lift pump to help supply it. The 15lbs or so of pressure from the lift pump started forcing fuel out of the crack in the water in fuel sensor. I would have never seen the crack by eye. I'd try replacing that and I'll bet your problem goes away
No WIF sensor. Aluminum plug from Merchant Automotive. But I'll check that area anyway.

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