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Originally Posted by D45 View Post
It might be stock..... but it should be pretty hard to see that much psi without a pressure box added

The higher the psi the more likelihood those injectors will crack or fail

What gauge do you have or how are you getting these rp numbers?
Stock tuning will command 26kpsi at WOT or heavy load, the stock injectors are more than capable of taking it, some guys have gone up to 30kpsi with tuning without issues (not recommended). Hell the LML engine runs up to 30kpsi stock. My LMM will run 26kpsi under heavy load, If you can't maintain that under WOT you have either a weak CP3, a FPRV that is popping and dumping your rail pressure or you have a restriction between the tank and the injection pump. The fact that it only does it cold is leading me to believe that it's not a collapsed fuel line. What are your idle pressures like (should be 6kpsi cold and right around 4.3kpsi at operating temp)
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