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Originally Posted by rockyota83 View Post
yes it does and its been covered more then once, i guess were feeling nice today
I figured I would be asking something others had gone over in the past. Unfortunately it seems the longer the internet is in operation the harder it is to do a search and actually get what you are looking for to come up within a reasonable number of results. I can remember when the information superhighway was no more than a dirt two track with little more than a dictionary and a Dollar Store at either end of it......and it doesn't seem like so long ago
I really do appreciate the help. I know it doesn't take anymore effort to type than the typical foul responses some like to give with nothing of use and loads of ridicule and arrogance. Its almost like they don't know anything but just want to build a post count or they aren't sure of what they want to say and don't want to be proven wrong so its easier to type out 4 letter words and be vulgar or cruel.
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