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Originally Posted by Bebe View Post
LOL I'm Jacquelyne
Apparently this name is getting a good rep for a PW!

Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
The meadow campground is hosted and not sure if they do reservations. Mid July is peak season and you may have to contend with other campers, trail traffic etc. again, just mentioning what I've seen at other FS campgrounds, but no reservations also usually means no "saving" sites.
Yes... an issue for sure. We can secure the PG&E Group sites as far as I understand, then I'll just go up a couple of weeks early and "grab" the lake shore site, as I believe I can squat on one for two weeks. We have backup sites measured and will map them out logistically if the main idea fails for some reason.

Peak traffic might be a concern, but if we wet down the road next to the site to keep the dust down, I think it will be okay, especially with the reception is at the group site.

Originally Posted by WheelingPiazza View Post
Give Amy or I a call or send me a PM :-)

As a far as dancers and a pole on wh3. it just really depends on how stupid drunk you get. :-)

Honestly I would camp at Fordyce lake and wheel in from the bypass. Great flat campground, Lake access, Trail access etc.

Just remember to remind your participants about packing it in and packing it out. No white flowers.

If you havent guessed this is Steve :-)
Hey Steve, thanks... I plan on getting with both of you (well, if Amy allows) and asking a few more pointed questions when I have a few more ducks lined up. You two should have lots of great info for us, but I want to make sure when I pester the two of you, its for good reason.

Originally Posted by renolaw View Post
Congrats and good luck. My better half won't even get in the jeep, let alone go wheeling. It's too...loud, too dusty, too hot, too cold, takes too long, la la la...

Not sure it's a blessing or curse. As it us, she says go have fun, see you Sunday. Also a lot less gear to take along...

Best wishes in the nuptials
Yes... I am blessed with her. She doesn't complain when I'd sometimes like to... ya know; weather, trail fixes, stupidity. But you do have a point.... wheeling solo is easier on so many things, but it's also nice to have her interested in my hobby... much easier to spend money and time on it.

Thank you.
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