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Good for you, it might be hard sometimes (stress, etc) but you can do it! I was a happy drinker from age 17 to about 22, then I turned into an asshole drinker. I finally got tired of the hangovers and waking up and trying to piece the night back together so I could apologize to people (usually my girlfriend) for my behavior, that I said "fuck it" and stopped. My daughter was born about the same time so it was an extra push not to drink. That was about 7 years ago, I still drink about once every 4 or 5 months but now it's easier to have a few before/with dinner then stop. I don't have that "thirst" when you crack the first drink and put the peddle to the metal (skip dinner, know I have to work the next day but keep pounding, etc..). I still allow myself one "drunk" night a year which consists of catching a good buzz and having fun, not waking up the next day with "what the fuck happened?" being the first thing that comes to mind. Stock up on water, soda, or juice and drink that during your beer time, it makes the transition a lot easier.
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