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Originally Posted by kdub0013 View Post
After a many years of boozing I decided to call it quits. Quit for a while or quit forever hell I dunno. I was diagnosed with ptsd from my combat tours in iraq in 03 and 04 during my time in the marines. Maybe I have been hiding something maybe not. I hold a great job and make good money. I have a wonderful wife and the sweetest baby girl who is 2. I am burned out and tired of drinking. I am tired of feeling like crap. It was never an issue of drinking during work or before like my father did but it was how many beers can I have tonight.

Crack a beer in the house a sip on that but then go to the garage and slam 3 more. This behavior continued over and over on most nights. Top all that off with swigs of whiskey, crown moslty. My insides were hurting but I was fine emotionally I think. I have told myself for the last 2 years you need to stop. I would always find a reason to drink and justify it in my head. I tried to say "oh I'll only drink on the weekends" that never lasted. I think since 04 after my last tour I may have went 5 to 6 days one time without alcohol.

Anyway I don't talk much to people about shit but I've read some heavy stuff on here in the past one most recently from my buddy. So what the hell. I have a drinking problem and I am 3 days sober. I feel pretty damn good too. I have a daughter and a wife who need me around. I always joke with my wife and say "at least I have a life insurance policy" which is fawking dumb of me. I'm going to stay sober until I feel like I can be a responsible adult in my personal life and not just my professional life. I pay taxes, I work hard, I own a home etc. All that is shit if I'm a drunk.

Anyway cheers fawkers!
I'm going to tell you something very important.

If you aren't fucking full of yourself, or even if you are, and have enough balls and some kind of inner strength/character to get over yourself, you might want to be somewhat awake to see how and what your little girl is seeing because of you.

See yourself through her eyes.

Get going.
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