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Good job. I've just done something somewhat similar.

I'd been drinking every night for about 3 years I think. Rum and coke. Couple of BIG ones every night (think Big Gulp size), and strong. Thought I couldn't get to sleep without a buzz. Always end up staying up too late because I was "having a good time". Felt like shit the next morning getting up for work a lot of the time. I also go to school a few nights a week. I figured that when I started doing that I'd slow down, instead I'd just slam a few drinks when I got home instead of taking my time like a "normal" night.

Thing is, I don't have kids. I have my wonderful woman, but we work opposite schedules. I'm home alone every night during the week. I think boredom created the opportunity.

A couple of months ago I got sick. I haven't had the flu for at least 20 years and it finally got me one evening. Felt like shit, got home from school, poured me a drink and couldn't finish. went to bed only to wake up an hour later and barely making it to the bathroom to projectile vomit. Didn't really eat or drink anything but water for the next 2 days. After the flu went away, I didn't feel like drinking anymore.

I didn't drink a drop for at least two weeks or so. I remember trying to have a beer on a weekend and only drinking half of it, just didn't want it for some reason.

Amazingly enough, since I quit, I can go to sleep just fine much to my surprise, and at a decent hour as well. I also wake up feeling refreshed and in a decent mood. Seems the booze kept me up. Additionally, I didn't know I could get that much shit done at home during the evenings. Seems working on the house or in the garage is more productive than watching the tube and drinking! Who knew, right!?

I've since had my drinks, and I do enjoy a good scotch with a cigar, I'm sure that will never change, but I don't drink every night. I'll have a few beers on a weekend night when I'm hanging out with the GF. A bottle of rum (750ml) used to last me 2 nights, now I've had the same bottle for over a month with no danger of it running out any time soon. I've taken on a larger class load for next semester because I now seem to have all this free time to fill up with productive things.

A change that I didn't suspect is my friends reaction to how I am. I've been told things like "when did you stop being an asshole?" or "What happened that made you so nice?" and things of that nature for the last couple of months. I didn't realize I was such the curmudgeonly prick before.

I've found what works for me and hopefully I can keep it up. Good luck to you and I hope you can as well!! I'll cheers you with the gay-assed sleepytime green tea that I seem to have become accustomed to having a cup of every night!
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