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Originally Posted by Deltaskier View Post
Jan 6th will be one year alcohol free for me. It'll be tough at first, but if you've really made up your mind you can do it. I tried unsuccessfully before because I only half-heartedly wanted to quit. It's amazing how much alcohol is used in everything, commercials, music, movies, tv series, etc

My story for why I quit: I had been drinking every day for about 2 years. Not excessively, but 3-6 beers daily, sometimes a little more and usually more on weekends. I felt it was a problem, but I wasn't getting drunk every night so I ignored it. As soon as I walked in the door from work, I popped a beer.

Then on Jan 6th '14, my sister and brother-in-law stayed the night. I picked him up a 30 pack of his beer since he wouldn't be arriving until later that evening. He arrived at 6 o'clock and we headed off to bed at 9 o'clock. The next morning I grabbed a water from the beer fridge and he had 6 beers left from the 30 pack. I don't know how late he stayed up in his room drinking. I questioned him the next day and he starts basically bragging about how much he drinks. Telling me he bases his chores or daily routines on 30 packs instead of hours. i.e. mowing his acre on riding mower was a 30 pack. I haven't touched alcohol since that day just to make sure I never ended up like that. I even left my beer in the fridge until my wife gave it to the neighbor, whiskey, vodka, etc in pantry, and wine in wine fridge, which normally if there was alcohol in the house, I couldn't pass it up.
Same here. Pop a beer and kiss the wife and kid. Should be them first! I always did the 30 pk thing. Every wheeling trip 36 pk minimum and a bottle of crown, I would go through most of it myself in two days.

I purposely left the remaining beers in my fridge, liquor in the cabinet, wine in the pantry because why should my wife not be able to enjoy and occasional drink? She is not the one with the problem. Doesn't bother me.

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