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Originally Posted by kdub0013 View Post
Day 4 feel great.
I'm a few days ahead of you, this evening it will be day (night) 7. For me it is/was whisky, 1/2 a bottle or more every night, easy. I'd drink it like it was water. I started having panic attacks in the afternoons... and they were getting worse. So I decided to quit. Or at least stop for a while to see if that was indeed what's causing the panic attacks. But now that I've stopped, even for the 1st week, it feels good. It's actually easier than I thought. ... lets hope it stays that way

I'm having more trouble getting to sleep now, but once I actually do fall asleep it seems to be better sleep. I do feel a whole lot better during the day. A little depressed at night, but so far it's not bad.

Good luck buddy, keep posting up
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