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Originally Posted by ON THE RCKS View Post
Hey Garrin. I think the suspension got really hot on the first lap and the front rebound started blowing through really quickly. Sort of my fault on setup. (I placed the rebound tube a little to high to catch it in the rebound bump zone) That caused the limit strap to stretch and the balls literally fell out of the CV.

This was after I had already ran to pit 2 to get a driveline after tapping a rock on the yoke and having the cap spit out. Then, I thought it would help the batteries to winch Jack with the fan's off and while I was out winding the cable back in, it overheated enough to lose the water and I couldn't legally find a way to replenish the system with enough fluid to keep it out of limp mode. Had I just ran to main pit and back I could have finished but I kept thinking a little more pee might be enough. This led to a comical situation where the course workers wanted to know if I was okay and I said I was out of water and out of pee...they called the EMT's thinking I was dehydrated I was fine, just bummed. Car was SO GOOD in the desert and amazing in the rocks it's just a shame it's never had the finish it deserved. Going to moth-ball it until KOH next year.
Can we at least go shock tuning?
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