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Definite yes to having a winch, I have a Warn ProVantage 3500s that is going back on.

I was going to wait on building a new gas tank but as I look at the stock seat locations, I understand why the stock machine has 2 parallel tubes behind the seat. One is truly structural for the car and is hidden under stock plastic (Only one left on my car) and the second is part of the bolt on cage and provides harness mounts at the correct height. I don't want the extra weight of a second tube, it doesn't look good, and I want a larger gas tank anyway so out comes the stock mount, tank and mounting brackets.

Pic of the stock seat height and measurement to the roof (8.5")

Here is the seat where it will sit with a custom tank I am designing and the measurement to the roof (12.5")

I should also mention I picked up a full inch by removing the stock seat adjustment stuff and lost several lbs of crap at the same time. They never worked that great anyway. Add some dirt/mud and they don't work at all.

The seat sits 4" lower, the harness mounts will be at the correct height and the whole cab feels a lot better when I sit in it, as opposed to feeling like I am sitting on the car. Visibility would suffer for a shorter person. Corning should improve with a lower CG and my side/shoulder is more protected now. Unfortunately it also means more work with a custom tank to fabricate because I can't stomach the price of a custom fuel cell ($2k++, I called). I think I can build one for under $1k and because it isn't a race car, I don't need a bladder but one could be made eventually should I change my mind.
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