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heres video from the day that choclate thunder was actually cut. flash was there at the bottom in the canyon. mike and john went up the right line. (the right line doesnt exist anymore the way it did that day) my wheelbase was too short to make it on the right line, so i tried the virgin left line and made it. after i got to the top they had turned around and were coming back down so i turned around and mike decided to spot me down. the whole time i was thinking that this was a bad idea but i figured he saw something i didnt see. well i was right. it was a bad idea. but now that hole i rolled in isnt that big anymore.


go to about 1:12 into the video. before 1:12 is a mix of some other trails. at 2:20 you can see the really cool rock that you had to climb around that is no buried.

at 1:12 the location where we are at is down in the wash before the current entrance. all those rocks that we are climbing over, especially that really cool big one that flexes out your rear something crazy, they are all now buried in sand from koh traffic and big motors.

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