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Originally Posted by TexasBlake View Post
I really wanted to do Dr Park and Reno-Flag-Bear-Deadman but we only had one day without rain, and my fiancÚ couldn't do those. We were also with two people who get hard-ons for climbing and they didn't want to run shuttles. My argument was basically we could run multiple trails in one day easily if we didn't spend hours climbing each trail. But they wanted to climb instead of ride. I already had to stop constantly to wait for her, but it's her first season. 401 had one section that I thought was fun, it was the second downhill. Got decently steep and a little more technical.

Monarch Crest a million times more fun trail than 401, but views not as good. Monarch has good views at the top, but it's different in that you're just above treeline on top of everything. The last time I did Monarch Crest I was on my fat bike, so I can't wait to go back in a couple weekends and hit it on my FS 29er. Crested Butte is a pretty long drive from Denver, especially now that we've hit stupid summer mountain traffic. I don't plan on going back until the fall at the earliest. Bumper to bumper traffic from Fairplay to Denver on Sunday.
From what I've read the Reno/flag/bear/deadman is just as good too. I hate climbing, I get if its a short climb like today in Horsetooth Park, but not like gothic pass, that had me fucked up the rest of the ride! I'm not to concerned with the views anymore, it all looks the same and looks great, but the downhill technical stuff is what I'm after. Last time I was in CB I left my house at 5am in a Sunday ate breakfast in Gunnison with family and made the trek to the 401. We were on the trail by 11, but the traffic is horrendous! Two weeks from now a group of guys I work with are headed to Winter Park for some downhill action. Can't wait to rent a bike and hit some big air.
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