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Got tons done to the roll cage today. Went from a B hoop to where it is in the pictures below. The three main things that guided the building of the cage were:
1)Still being able to open and close the glove box
2)Still being able to open and close the rear toolboxes
3)Being able to open up the front windshield section (It has bracket arms that swing into the jeep cab)

A few more additions still need to be made on the cage to give added support and to allow for seat mounting, but the basic shape is completed. Finish welding will also have to take place.

It was the strangest thing, to pull the jeep into the rear yard of the house where our shop is and the outlet in the wall for the welder you have to turn the jeep 90 degrees to the left and make a turn into the rear yard. Not having the steering in the jeep set up, the way we do this is with two people, one on each side of the front axle, grabbing and turning the tire by hand. Rolling it into the rear yard this worked just fine. But when we went to roll it back into the garage the steering locked up and we weren't able to turn the tires from facing straight in order to make the 90 degree turn to push the jeep back into its garage. We took a jack and jacked the front axle off of the ground so the tires weren't in contact with the pavement and still couldn't get the tires to turn left or right. What would cause the steering to bind like this? Thoughts?

Here are the pics of the cage:

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