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How low are you looking to go? I have retained all of the stock frame rails (only notched in the rear for coil over clearance) have 20" under the belly with a flat skid with 6" of up travel on all 4 corners with 14" coilovers on 38" tsl's I will have 22" of clearance when I go to 42's . If I would push the motor up I can get it lower but I don't need to drag the skid over every rock
The cj bump stops are just to not here metal on metal clanking all day

Full bump full lock half inch of clearance

The only reason I could stuff the axle so far up is I used a 79 ford Dana 60 any other axle the pumpkin will hit the frame my upper control arm bolts are even with the crank centerline

When I stuff the lq4 I plan on cutting off the frame at the firewall and redoing everything just cause it will be easier than trying to keep the frame
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