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Originally Posted by 909wheeler View Post
No shit. I used to crawl up to the shelf as a 10 year old in my dad's closet to get the good stuff when he was at work and Mom was out running errands. Old late 70's and early 80's PENTHOUSE. The real shit. He had a couple of Hustler's in there too (2 to be exact ) and a few Playboys but the Penthouse magazines were the shit. Nothing like a beautiful woman with a big hairy muff to hide all of the fleshy bits. Penthouse back then was tamer than what Playboy has been in the past 10 years. Even Playboy shows some lips now and then.

WTF is the point in buying a Playboy without nudity? Has Hugh finally lost it?

Playboy just cant keep up with porn anymore. Period. They were a late comer even in the late 70's when with the likes of Penthouses Bob Guccione and Hustler's Flynt went on the edge and showed female genitalia (pussy lips) They tried to keep to bush only and then bush was not in fashion anymore. So they showed SOME groin shots and they still could not keep up. The articles are not that great and if you're going to spend $10+ dollars on a porno mag, it better show some flesh.

They can't keep up so they are trying something different (but not really too much different from what they have been doing). They are just making it known that they finally lost the porn war now. Life moves on and Playboy finally gets recognized for dying 10 years ago. Meh.
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