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Originally Posted by welndmn View Post
The monitors set when they are ready.
I've never seen the algorithm that worked.
Just keep driving and soon all the ready monitors will set.
Yes, in CA, not all monitors need to be set to pass a smog test, but it's application specific.
Yours needs to be turned on.
Yep, application specific and they just updated and added a group to the list that has to have all the monitors ready. My Dodge has typically only had one or two but never all three. I could drive it any way I wanted until the tires fell off and it wouldn't ready the third monitor. They would eventually toss it on the machine, pass it and get me going for another two years. That is up until this year.

It would not ready the third and due to me getting the lifetime warranty on emissions equipment notice in the mail from Chrysler, I took it in for a re-flash and afterwards it passed with flying colors.
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