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Originally Posted by 87manche View Post
I always charge at 1c.

I dont give a shit if the battery manufacturer says it will go 5.
1c is the best for battery life.

I also only charge at 1c. 1c means charging at the same rate as the battery is listed for, so a 5000mah battery can be charged at 5 amps and will be charged in an hour. I also charge and store my batteries in Ammo Cans.

If you decide you want to charge faster than that, MAKE SURE that the battery is rated to charge at a higher rate. It will be posted somewhere on the battery or in the documentation that comes with the battery, saying it can be charged at 2c, or higher. 2c x 5000mah battery= 10 amps, so 5c x 5000mah = 25 amps. the math is easy to do.

ALWAYS USE A LIPO BAG, OR OTHER FIREPROOF CONTAINER! That is the biggest and most common mistake I see happen, and what caused the fire to spread so quickly in Lance and Renee's RV. It's also what caused a big fire in a hobby shop I used to frequent in Carrollton Tx.

Here's what happens when you get a lipo fire in a structure:
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