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Originally Posted by camo View Post
How reliable are current name brand cordless tool batteries that stay on maintence chargers ?

I have several always on the charger in the garage. Would putting them in a metal container be a prudent super safety guy move ?

Fwiw.... I had a chicom flashlight burst into flames while sitting on my toolbox a few weeks ago. It was I inavertentatly left on and and placed face down.
Name brand stuff like Makita, DeWalt, etc... are designed to stop charging if there are inconsistencies in the batteries, through the chargers. They also have thermal limiters that will fail before you overheat the cells.

that doesn't mean they are perfect, but they are a lot safer than standard LiPo packs we use in r/c or in the custom flashlight hobby.

Keith may disagree with that though, since his house in Lincoln burned down from a faulty DeWalt battery and/or charger.
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