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I bought them from a friend who bought them from a friend who ran them. Hence why only one Reid. But now knowing what I know I should have sold the rear end or trashed it and got a 60. The original owner liked to mud ride and ride through a lot of water. One shaft came out like butter the other shaft was hell. After trying everything I could, we cut the center pin out of the carrier. Put a rail road iron through the other side and whaled on it. Shaft wouldn't come out. Heated up, still nothing, ended up having to cut out the carrier and then cutting through the carrier/bearing/ and shaft just to get the main part of the shaft out. Then once I got the shaft out, I could not get the spindle nut off of that side. The spindle was mushroomed perfectly. I hear this can be from running the wrong hubs but I am not sure. I had to grind the mushroom down to get the spindle nut off. Then once I got that i had to pay someone to cut off the bad part of the spindle in order to spin the new nut on. I am still looking for a thinner spindle nut to possibly double nut the spindle.
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