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Originally Posted by kesterkamp View Post
trying to search in the app (kohhammertown2016), but for some reason having trouble finding it

when i go to the website on my phone having issues logging in
Getting the app downloaded is the first step, good you've got that done it sounds like.
Second step is getting the map which comes from our site. You can do the order and checkout on a desktop if you're having trouble getting to our site on your phone. From there, you have two options:

1) You should get an e-mail at the end of checkout that you should open on your phone, COPY and PASTE the link into the pdf-maps app using the "+" icon and "From the Web" option


2) Log in to our website on your phone and select "My Account" and then "Files" tab. Links should be there you can copy and paste into the app like you would do from the e-mail in option #1 above.

If you're still having problems after those two options don't work, please e-mail us at CartoTracks at gmail.com and we'll keep on helping you along. We'll get it figured out.
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