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Below is the next paragraph. Note the attention paid to observing the color and condition of the early patches. Summary of the advise is that fouling should be removed before excessive subsequent shots bury the base fouling and corrode the throat metal. Virtually every barrel manufacturer and has similar if less detailed recommendations.

The following is a guide to break-in based on our experience. This is not a hard and fast rule, only a guide. Some barrel, chamber, bullet, primer, powder, pressure, velocity etc. combinations may require more cycles some less. It is a good idea to just observe what the barrel is telling you with its fouling pattern and the patches. But once it is broken in, there is no need to continue breaking it in.

Initially you should perform the shoot-one-shot-and-clean cycle for five shots. If fouling hasn't reduced, fire five more cycles and so on until fouling begins to drop off. At that point shoot three shots before cleaning and observe. If fouling is reduced, fire five shots before cleaning. Do not be alarmed if your seating depth gets longer during break in. This is typical of the “high spots in the throat being knocked down during this procedure. It is not uncommon for throat length to grow .005-.030 from a fresh unfired chamber during break in.

5-10 one-shot cycles
1 three-shot cycle
1 five-shot cycle

Chrome moly
5 - 25 - one-shot cycles
2 - three-shot cycles
1 - five-shot cycle
Edit: https://kriegerbarrels.com/faq#breakin
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