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Hahahah. 3600 thats a bit beefy... mtrs are amazing as well and im not a pitbull fan either but i run them and they work as well as the mtr or a little better. Both are a big radial as in they hold there size a true 41+ size. But its hard to compare apples to apples as i am waaayyyy lighter than that , and no tard here . I will post up some vids later , go once a year to go wheel with snow batman and the boys and then 2weeks up in bc with joc and the boys. Loke i said just putting a tire out there that is an amazing performer in the snow with a very soft compound that stays soft no matter the temp and if your a snow wheeler you know that is very important. Anyway dont want to go back and fourth with people you never see deep in the wilderness when there is snow on the ground . Make sure you keep a winch on those things cuz your going to need it .. hahahah.
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