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Originally Posted by hasteranger View Post
Car haulers don't have outriggers. Lol

Youre building a 12k deck over car hauler? What cars are you hauling?

Pick pick pick pick. Everything everyone else does is stupid, hacky, a waste of time, a waste of money or otherwise unsuitable for hasteranger. Except when its his junk pile, then its completely intelligent, sensible and justified. Beyond reproach actually. I never notice you attempt to help anyone, just criticize ad nauseum and remind us youve seen and done it all.


Originally Posted by GONRACIN View Post
. I want to build either a flatbed hauler to haul my jeep and/or my old tractor...

Go ahead, break down the semantics of the term "car hauler" so you can salvage your image of being technically correct in all things. You know what else "looks really narrow?" The frame rails between a set of tandems duals. Found under every 102" airbrake semi trailer ever built.
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