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Originally Posted by ColdFusion21 View Post
Do you think defense attorneys who argue that a clear cut criminal is innocent are criminals themselves? They are simply doing the job they were hired for.

Quite frankly I'd be more concerned if he did the above things pro bono
its this argument that i keep hearing, that someone who defends a company/person in a courtroom is a liar. because they did their job as an attorney through the judicial system where everyone is entitled to legal representation in a court of law? A lawyer who defends a certain position is not a liar, he's trying to win the case for his client.

Now if he was held in contempt of court or perjured himself, that would be something. but just working for a person/entity as a lawyer who is on trial? nope, thats not really lying. i guess i shouldnt be surprised that more of you dont know that, but im less surprised that reasoning is summarily dismissed in lieu of the personal hatred towards certain people, by some people.
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