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Originally Posted by Texas97 View Post
So, was he disciplined by the State Bar in Texas, or not?
Originally Posted by rockbuggy84 View Post
Dumbest argument on the planet. You're speaking like a lawyer/criminal. What do you do for a living?
i am not a lawyer, i've already said that. I am an Engineer.

There was a claim that Cruz had actionable discipline by the TX state Bar, in this thread, i simply asked for a source or the facts of when and why that was.

Then, a lawyer came in (Gipper) and said if any lying were to happen from a lawyer in a courtroom, then that's called perjury and would be actionable.

Your claims of him being a "liar" just because he is a lawyer, are not enough to convince me that he is, no matter how vehemently you claim it. Post up some proof and I am more than happy to look over it.

You must have been touched in a bad way by a person who was a lawyer at one time. Was your daddy a lawyer?
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