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Originally Posted by M.Martian View Post
If you haven't settled and have a job and house in California I would move out of state.

I keep looking at how this shithole is coming out and out of state keeps looking better and better.

The only thing causing any question is all of my family is here (only gen 3,4,5 since gen 1 and 2 have all died now).

Selling the house with 250k in equity will allow me to buy outright in many areas. Then I don't need a high paying job to survive nicely. Idaho and Texas look better and better. I'll just have to explain that I'm not like those morons from California who keep invading them.
I started going back to school last year, have a little over a year left if everything goes as planned. Ive seriously been considering Idaho as well, but I will have to move where I can find decent work. I'm only 25, so I have some time to figure life out, but I currently rent and I am tired of living paycheck to paycheck. So here is to hoping school works out for me! I'm hoping next year I can just sell off the wheeler, and other shit, load the truck up and move somewhere free.

All my family is here as well, so that will be somewhat difficult to be honest, but everything is so regulated here I cannot stand it!
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