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Originally Posted by grnd93 View Post
To address the reason Neegan never attacked Alexandria. He had no reason to. Before Rick's group showed up they were weak and had nothing to provide.
No reason to? "1/2 yer shit belongs to me". He or his crew find anyone, 1/2 their shit and then they work for him.

Wouldn't take long for that network to expand.

I can't see runners not finding survivors in a town when you gotta resort to fire for cooking and heat. Climb up high, at night, downwind.

I'm beginning to see the terminus side of it. Let them walk right in and now you got their shit and don't have to worry about fighting them. Though I would have scavenged farms to get other things to eat.

Now that I think about it, aren't the roadblocks much the same as the capture in terminus?
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