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Originally Posted by nahmus View Post
They wander from the comics but not to far. The whole driving around was a psychological Game meant to mess with their heads Everywhere they went they were blocked. Each time they were blocked the group was bigger and better armed. It was all meant to instill into their heads that neegan is everywhere, you can't escape and you can't fight them. The beating is just the last step in the breaking.

Or that's how i saw it. I might be putting too much effort into watching atv show.
Rick got skunked. Out manned and out maneuvered. Dumb to be driving around in an RV with your whole crew, rather than several vehicles. Just a plot device to get the core group in one spot, but D-U-M-B.

Originally Posted by BIGBAMAK5 View Post
So who were the two guys that showed up to help Morgan and Carol? Or is that black text stuff?
The guy that was looking for his horse. Rick was going to shoot him and Morgan stopped him...so know he saves Carol and Morgan. Probably not from Hilltop, but probably another (friendly) group that trades with them.

Originally Posted by 909wheeler View Post
It was Eugene. I forget the lineup but my guess is Glenn was the target and Eugene stood up and took the hit.
Nice theory, but I think it's Glenn.

Originally Posted by MochaMike View Post

Pretty sure that group, in that situation would have rushed him.
Carol had the right attitude.

They should of had a shoot out at the first roadblock (or at least doubled back to crash it 20m later).

Totally lacking on Scouts as well.
Originally Posted by atvobsession View Post
this was about the death of confidence the group had in themselves....it was about them getting humbled. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was awesome as Neegan.

Rick has done nothing to get more intel on the Saviors. He got beat and he deserves it. Jeffrey Dean Morgan will be awesome as Negan. It will take awhile before Rick gets the chance to kill him.

Originally Posted by jpmassey View Post
He said 'champ' not man. Its a line straight out of the comics.
Yep, right out of the comics, Taking it like a Champ as he beat Glenn

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Originally Posted by GloNDark View Post
I kept saying the same thing. I would have been sitting in the passenger seat with the RPG ready to go.
The backblast would have cooked everyone else in the RV

Originally Posted by grnd93 View Post
The most common sense thing for Neegan to do would have been to kill Rick. Take out the leader and the whole group submits. It's unlikely they took out any of the women in such a brutal fashion. I think it was one of the weaker men. Glen, Eugene or Aaron. If it was Glen, AND Maggie loses the baby she is going to go full mental and really be a force to be reckoned with.
You'd think Rick would have at least attempted to take the "hit" as the leader, it would make sense for Negan to kill the leader to subjugate the group. Later in the comics, Maggie is a leader at Hilltop, not sure about status of the baby though.

I think it was worse that they didn't show who got the beat down from Negan and Lucille. I'd bet it's Glenn (like the comics) I doubt they will knock off Daryl, Eugene, or Michone. Abraham and Michone were not backing down, Daryl and Rick were pretty beat down, physically and mentally.

The relationship between Carl and Negan is weird..

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