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Originally Posted by Welby View Post
Pretty lame ending, I think the whole show is getting stale and I think they'd be smart to end it within the next season or so, really. Just get on with it already. How many times can you just land in a spot and stay for a season, then have some big showdown and move to another location? Repeat repeat repeat.

TWD is turning into

"We don't have to do this, we can negotiate"
"OK then, if that's how you want it"
*Bang bang shoot shoot, slash slash*
"Guess we need to move on now".

I've never seen Breaking Bad and have been watching it on Netflix, in mid season 3 right now. That show has been awesome since the get-go and being that it only went 5 seasons, seems like it will go out on top. I'm sure it was popular enough to drag out for eternity if they wanted to, but they didn't.
Exactly why I don't like watching TV shows until I know they came to a reasonable conclusion. I've made an exception for TWD and am starting to regret it. Still mildly entertained, but getting bored and find myself doing other things while I watch it.
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