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Originally Posted by Fatty270 View Post
Heres my .02

It is either Glenn or Michone that gets their skull caved....

I say this because there is a person in the back of the van that is seeing things from a 1st person perspective and in the last scene from inside the van there is someone in front of the 1st person perspective and when they open the doors Darryl is the first to step out......I dont remember who is second cause I dont think it was shown.....this is likely the person to get clubbed in the same 1st person perspective at the end
I lean more to Michone getting hit cause it will help Carl become the "serial killer in training" or whatever he said and will send Rick into insane killer mode.........
Those may be the clues as to who it was. Someone go back and watch the end to see was out second. I believe Glen was out last.
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