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Just got caught up on this. My thoughts:

I never trusted Enid. They allude to the fact she is always dissapearing but since not too many pay attention to her it goes unnoticed. She is a bitch when they first get there. In the second to last episode before Maggie gets sick Maggie confronts her and asks her where she is all the time. I think Negans game is mind fucking. Enid has been spying on them the whole time and reporting back. She poisoned Maggie so in an act of desperation the strongest players would rush Maggie to the Hilltop doctor without being able to think clearly.

All the road blocks, the zombies with pieces of Daryl and Mishones stuff was more mind fucking. The giant log pile was to show they have some heavy equipment and can do whatever they want, like break the gate at Alexandria like a tin can and take it by force if they really wanted to. Negan knew Rick and his guys were good and capable of killing a bunch of his dudes no problem. So instead of risking an all out fight he could mind fuck them into a hopeless trap, make his point and have himself new bitches to grow food for him.

As for who died, they have been slowly de-pussyafying Eugene. Abram was always a dick to him but finally earned his respect in several instances. Then Eugene gives rick the cartridge building instructions and presumably leaves on a suicide mission to help them save Maggie.

Eugene gets caught, beat, and pusses and rats them out, hence why he is crying and they show him first.

Negen fucks with all their heads but knows he is going to kill Eugene for being a pussy and a snitch. Thats why he says "you took it like a champ" because he views him as a coward. The build up for Glen makes sense also but I feel like Eugene's death has been building up for a long time too. He lied to the group forever, was useless as fuck, but finally in the eyes of his "friend" Abram stepped up and earned his respect. Giving the instructions to Rick got respect from him too. My vote is Enid is a mole, poisoned Maggie and Eugene got beat to death. Its taken me a while to get caught up on this show but that was my take.

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