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Originally Posted by crazyredneckanyhow View Post
Your only real option is a 460 with a stroker kit pushing the mid 500 ci range. Expect to dump around $20k into it.
Wrong. Engine alone should not cost near that at those power levels. And no 460 stroker needs a turbo setup to get there, that's well documented power made a thousand ways naturally aspirated. It's just easier with 500+ cubes, and at a lower rpm. Fuck, guys are doing it on stock iron heads these days.

Originally Posted by Beat95YJ View Post
A coyote would get there. Similar cost probably.
Even more wrong. BBF is probably one of your best bang for the buck engines out there, and so is the LS. The 'yote suffers from availability at this time, but will eventually fall back within the realm of the others.

If you want to build it RIGHT, an LS will cost just as much, and neither one will take $20K to get it. You have to do the research, select the appropriate parts, and have realistic expectations for your build. The vehicle it's going in is going to take a lot of money in upgrades to handle it. That's where things get expensive.

A $1500 running LS and transmission plus a couple of chinese turbochargers is not my idea of bang for your buck hp, it's a ticking bomb, despite what everyone on PBB seems to parrot these days. Never mind the fact that a Chevy engine in a Ford is gayer than aids.

Either way, OP is in over his head for even asking in here, and so is his buddy most likely.

By the way, Irregardless does pass spell check and it is a word. The meaning is exactly the same, you just want to play games

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