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Is this a "$500 car, junkyard engine, Craigslist turbos, rebuild kits and spend the rest on Summit" build or is this a "I have lots of money and when I do something I go all out, aftermarket bling everything and I don't re-use a single part" build?

The answer you get depends on lot on what kind of build this is. If you're cheap then there's no replacement for displacement.

Originally Posted by rtbcoop View Post
I am stepping into a realm that I know nothing about so I wanted to get some input from my favorite online a$$holes! I am helping a friend plan a build and he is insisting on a 700hp turbo setup on a gas Ford engine. I know enough about motors (chevy) and turbo setups but I know next to nothing about the Ford family of engines. What would your suggestions be as a starting point for a build like this?
460, 351, modular, etc. Heck you can probably get 700 from a 300 if you go all out with intercoolers, run it on race fuel, etc, etc.

At the end of the day you're basically using a turbo to force feed air into the thing. The bigger the "thing" the less pressure you're gonna need to force feed it at and the easier everything else will be. You're also trading of engine speed and boost. The faster you spin it the less pressure you need.

If you want easy then go with 460 or v10 you might even be able to run 87 with them if you cool the air enough or add water/methanol.

I don't see much benefit to using a 5.8 over a 5.4. If you want to make a reasonable trade-off between engine speed and boost he 5.8 will probably need more $$ to get it to spin fast enough to where you're comfortable with the trade-off compared to the 5.4.

You could even build a 4.6 (or was it 4.8?) IIRC those early modulars have been pushed to over 1000hp on a particular stock block (Lincolns and some Fords IIRC).
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