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Originally Posted by Dr.Danger View Post
You sound like you're stuck in 2002. You don't NEED turbos and fuel injection to hit that kind of power with a stroker and the slew of cylinder heads out on the market these days. You can buy it for $12K or less, and it runs on pump gas.

Have you actually priced a set of SCJ heads and a forged stroker kit these days? This is of course assuming you're doing all of your own assembly work and have a reasonably priced machinist.

I'll keep you filled in on my current build. I'm most likely going to be ordering a set of the new AFR heads this week.

Check out the flow numbers if you haven't looked at them.
I know you don't need a turbo and injection but that's what the op asked about. I know of a 700 hp n/a 468 that just got built. Something like this isn't something I'd tackle on my own. Hell its cheaper to pay someone that builds high hp engines to do it than it is to buy all the tools I'd need to build it myself.
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