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Originally Posted by rtbcoop View Post
I am stepping into a realm that I know nothing about so I wanted to get some input from my favorite online a$$holes! I am helping a friend plan a build and he is insisting on a 700hp turbo setup on a gas Ford engine. I know enough about motors (chevy) and turbo setups but I know next to nothing about the Ford family of engines. What would your suggestions be as a starting point for a build like this?
Originally Posted by crazyredneckanyhow View Post
I know you don't need a turbo and injection but that's what the op asked about. I know of a 700 hp n/a 468 that just got built. Something like this isn't something I'd tackle on my own. Hell its cheaper to pay someone that builds high hp engines to do it than it is to buy all the tools I'd need to build it myself.
Must have missed where he mentioned fuel injection.

Bottom line, there is no replacement for displacement, and the best engine in existence for that would be the BBF. Scat and Lunati and Eagle to a lesser extent make good forged cranks for not a lot of money. Stock cast cranks handle 800 no problem and plenty of guys have taken them past 1500 on a good tune. Passenger car blocks handle a lot of power with the correct preparation.

Of course, we know absolutely dick about the intent for this engine, so it's anybody's guess as to what combos would work best, but a 521+ c.i. stroker isn't working very hard to make 700 with aftermarket heads.

You are absolutely right about the last part. If he wants anything more than a time bomb, he needs to know what he's doing. That goes for LS and anything else.

By the way, Irregardless does pass spell check and it is a word. The meaning is exactly the same, you just want to play games

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