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Originally Posted by Dr.Danger View Post
Wrong. Engine alone should not cost near that at those power levels. And no 460 stroker needs a turbo setup to get there, that's well documented power made a thousand ways naturally aspirated. It's just easier with 500+ cubes, and at a lower rpm. Fuck, guys are doing it on stock iron heads these days.
I am well aware that this power can be made naturally aspirated, but if that was an option, I wouldn't have specified a turbo setup.

Originally Posted by crazyredneckanyhow View Post
My only bitch about an ls1 is that any fucktard with a socket set can put one in anything. It takes real talent to build an engine from the ground up to do what he's wanting to do. The ls1 crowd is just as bad as the cummins swap crowd anymore.
True, but I am not overly concerned about that. This truck is eventually going to end up in the hands of someone who probably doesn't even know the difference between an LS and a Ford modular engine. All that they will probably care about is the "turbo" and the "700hp."

Originally Posted by arse_sidewards View Post
Is this a "$500 car, junkyard engine, Craigslist turbos, rebuild kits and spend the rest on Summit" build or is this a "I have lots of money and when I do something I go all out, aftermarket bling everything and I don't re-use a single part" build?

The answer you get depends on lot on what kind of build this is. If you're cheap then there's no replacement for displacement.
We are planning on dumping a significant amount of money into the vehicle but we would still like to be economical where possible. Ideally we would like to rebuild a junkyard engine with some upgraded parts but prebuilt crate engines aren't out of the question.

Originally Posted by Dr.Danger View Post
Must have missed where he mentioned fuel injection.


Of course, we know absolutely dick about the intent for this engine, so it's anybody's guess as to what combos would work best, but a 521+ c.i. stroker isn't working very hard to make 700 with aftermarket heads.
No, I didn't mention it but some sort of EFI would be preferable (whether it be TBI or direct). As I said earlier, this is going to someone who probably knows nothing about the mechanics of an engine so it needs to be as idiot proof as possible.

This isn't going to be a racing or towing truck. It's just a toy that the owner can drive around town with and take out to Moab on the occasional weekend. It won't be ragged on but it still needs to be robust and require as little maintenance as possible (within reason for a 700hp truck...).

I am really just looking for some good advice as to which block to start with. When it comes to motors, I am a chevy or diesel guy. I know next to nothing about Fords.
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