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Flying Alaska Air with checked handgun

I'll be traveling to Alaska this summer to visit my father in law. He moved there last year and drove from CA. As such he didn't take his handgun as he didn't have the paperwork to cross into Canada. He's asked if I could bring it with me when I fly.

Probably some easy questions for some of you but I've never checked a firearm, let alone one that wasn't mine. As far as I can see on Alaska's firearm page it seems pretty simple: https://www.alaskaair.com/content/tr...-firearms.aspx

Will Alaska Air want ownership information? As in, does the gun have to belong to me? I know there is a form I'll have to fill out but I haven't found a copy of it online so I don't know what it'll ask. I won't lie to travel with it but once I'm at the airport my options are limited.

Can I pack the gun in a checked bag, assuming I have the gun locked in a case per their instructions? I want to avoid checking another piece of luggage and would like to put in my luggage.

FWIW this is a new gun and two magazines, unfired and no ammunition.

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