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Originally Posted by Deuling View Post
Im running 5" of up travel, with 2.0 2.5" length bumps up front, and 2.25" length bumps in the rear.

When running in the dunes over whoops, I get a pogo like effect running at medium speeds. I was going to add more rebound valving to keep the rear held down longer, but then was told this weekend to try lowering my bump pressure, because the bumps are just pushing the suspension back up too fast.

I run 200 psi currently.

I was told to try 75lbs, but that seems a bit low, and he was running a jeep.... Im in a k5 that easily weighs a ton or more than the jeep.

How effective will a bump be at lower pressure like that? Will it just change initial hit? Or decrease the overall stopping force?
First thing to do is make sure your actually bottoming out the suspension and causing the Pogo effect. You might need less compression damping? that can be done by lowering the bumpstop pressure. Put some zipties on your shock shafts and bumpstop shafts and see what your actually using for travel.

If your using the entire shock up and bottoming on the bump you either need to stiffen the front up to hold the nose higher or figure out a way to get the rear stiffer but that's hard to do without causing the Pogo effect to get worse with valving.

We ran no front bumps and 50-100 in the rears on the car. But we had 2.5" 5 tube bypasses with a pretty good bump zone in them to help.
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