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Originally Posted by mobil1syn View Post
bump stops are to prevent 'crashing' when bottoming out. id bet you get more pogo out of your tires then the bumpstop at 200psi. you should focus on the shock tuning first

how much shaft do you have showing at ride height? over all travel of those raptor shocks?
It has been a while. They are 11-7/8" of travel.

I know its very near using all of the compression travel in the shock. Unfortunately I don't have enough spring travel to get the use of the lower rebound zone of the shocks in the rear. I chose one or the other and used the compression zone.

Maybe that is just setting me up for failure though and I should really look at a solution to use all of the shock... But that could be for a different thread.

I was just curious on who is running lower psi in the bumps and what the pros/cons are.
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