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Originally Posted by patooyee View Post
Someone tell me what I'm missing ...
This thread was the beginning of the lightbulb suspension understanding. From here it expanded to the 4 link calculator which started to add features like rear steer when that was deemed important.

I'll let the link gods help you here (And you may have to wake them up with a PM) but maybe some more info on front or rear. If front because of mechanical steering linkage. etc.

On Panhard rods: A few years before this thread started I was sweeping the floor for comp crawler Jeff Mello. He had moved from leafs to 3links plus panhard in the front. We didn't have the money for hydro yet. The panhard bar was pretty steep as most are still today. Soon he had a couple unexplained endo's while dropping off of obstacles. That was when we started looking at video frame by frame. Finally we saw that the panhard bar was actually pushing the car into a roll over. When the axle drooped out the panhard rod went to it's extreme angle. Whne the axle hit the ground, the passenger side would collapse easily on the shock but the driver side (Steering box side) hesitated because the panhard bar was actually pogo sticking that side up...initiating the roll. Flattening that panhard bar helped but was still un-nerving. The front panhard remained popular because the hydraulic steering with the 4bar was almost worse for "get'in it". I was sweeping the floor to learn and started to look for other solutions to steering. Jesse Haines also explored that and we spent a couple days looking at different desert set-ups. With the upgrades in the last year or so to hydraulic steering, that and 4 bar seems the way to go if legal or not interested in IFS.

I knew that the way we run the dunes that it would flip me on the first run. The only real solution is IFS or triangulated 4 bar for go fast when drooping and articulating at the same time. Watch your axle steer, we weren't looking at that as it is easy to driver correct in the front. (Not so in the back as like a fork lift)

I know that there are some torque forces going on as guys can lift the driver front by brake standing on pavement.
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