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Also, if you have a steeply-angled panhard at ride height, isn't that going to be more liable to pitch the body during a suspension event?

I'm going to try to explain this thought and I bet I'm going to fail, and maybe it is completely invalid overall ...

... but if the angle of the panhard is steep, as it wants to return to an at-rest state, it is going to push / pull moreso in a direction other than you want it to, fighting the at-rest state moreso than if it was closer to level. Or in another sense, will it not have more resistance fighting the return to rest from a steep angle than it would at a more level angle? By this thinking, if a panhard was level at full stuff, it would be at a steep angle at ride height and therefore the suspension, even worse at full droop. Whereas, if it were level at ride height it would never see such extreme overall angles and would see less steep angles both at full stuff and full droop than the prior example, therefore resisting the return to rest state less as well.

Trying to think of an analogy. If you have a 10' stick of tubing laying flat on the ground that you are trying to push straight across the ground without flipping it end-over-end. If you If you left it laying flat it would be very difficult to flip over as you scooted it across the ground. But if you picked up your end end even a little, the far end is going to want to dig / resist as you push it and as it does, it will fight your efforts and try to flip over. The more you pick it up, the more difficult it will be to continue pushing without flipping.

Maybe I are dumb?

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