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Originally Posted by ironmangq View Post
Yup, been many truckers injured/killed and lots of twisted trucks when lugging up a hill and dragging the motor down too low. They go for a lower gear right as the engine "stalls" and kicks over backwards just as the driver thinks they saved it and suddenly the truck is going the wrong way, trailer jacknifes and all hell breaks loose.
no kidding!! Instrumentation wouldn't show anything? I guess these are older trucks we are talking about too....

Originally Posted by Camarogenius View Post
When a 2 stroke diesel runs backwards,the intake and exhaust still function normally. The direction that the crank turns makes no difference.

The only issue I'm aware of is the oil pump may be direction sensitive.

You forgot about the water pump!

One last diesel noob question- the running backwards thing can only happen with a two stroke, I'm ASS-uming?
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