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Originally Posted by Camarogenius View Post
In order to properly drive a 2 stroke Detroit, first, get into a huge fight with your wife, then slam your thumb in the door, then spill your coffee on something important. You drive that engine like you hate it, and you're trying to rip it out of the truck.

Whilst I've never actually seen it happen, they can start and run backwards.
Gets real interesting when it happens. I've been present for two instances. Was driving during the one. First time driving I made the mistake of lugging the engine going up a hill in West Virginia. It backfired, rolled backwardsand all of a sudden we were accelerating down the hill. I got it stopped and finally was able to stall the damn thing out. Took me about 20 minutes to pry the seat cushion out of my ass so I could check the truck over. Old timer stopped to check on us and gave me the golden advice to run it like you want it to blow up. That old dump truck is still running up and down the mountains on the Ohio/West Virginia line.
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