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Originally Posted by thordehr View Post
I've always wondered bout shutoff plates, butterflies failing or sucking air through broken gaskets and being unable to shutoff a runaway...

Would this be a good solution...

Plumb a fire suppression system, maybe even a handheld halon(or CO2) extinguisher with a hose extension to intake tract (like you would a before throttle blade intake nitrous nozzle). Have a runaway, trigger the extinguisher, it kills the combustion event, you don't risk sucking anything into the intake, you don't have the situation where you activate the plate or valve and it doesn't quite cut off enough air. Plus you're not sucking all the intake seals to death.


I've thought about that before. I keep a CO2 fire extinguisher handy after I do any work on my IDI just for that reason. I'm not sure how well it wil work, but no o2 = no fire at the end of the day.
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