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Originally Posted by XJben View Post
Not important at all, but in real life ( i know, a fictional show), they would have had to go outside protective walls and put forth energy (in short supply) to get that bitch unstuck, so why shoot the scene? Write the dialog? ask the characters to get muddy?

It doesn't matter either way in the outcome of the show obviously, but the Walking Dead is full of stuff like this, just more of a curiosity.
If I had to take a guess, it's simply there to imply that in the story, there are other 'real life' things they are dealing with besides the main plot.

I'd say it'salong the same lines as why we never see them siphoning gas, or raiding stores for food. That kind of stuff is mentioned here and there, but not widely focused on; unless it happens to support the storyline.

It's probably one of those small details they meant to point out, like 'on top of all the shit they have going on, they get stuck to boot'; but not bore us with the details.
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