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Originally Posted by chromewontgetyouhome View Post
Post pics of the front axle set up so we have an idea of whats going on. Have you tried contacting Currie about the leaking axles? They probably will say "too fucking bad" about the front axle since your post makes it sound like part of the link set up is welded to the front diff cover, but they may be able to help you with the rear. Also look for a direct phone number for one of the big wigs at Genright, fuck trying to go through the monkeys to talk to some one with some clout.
I have actually spoken with Currie. I did not discuss the front axle issue with Currie because it is my belief the GenRight bracket on the diff cover is the issue. As for the rear axle seal leak they didn't offer up any help and basically let me know I'm on my own. This is the very reason I wanted to go with Dynatrac in the first place. Currie doesn't deal with the public direct, they utilize their vendors as an intermediary/3rd party stop for quality issues.

As for GenRight I have asked to speak with upper management and Tony himself but that is like asking to speak wit the President of the United States around that joint. At this point the lower staff is sort of keeping me away from their superiors.. I will leave that up to you all to figure out but it's my guess they don't want their bosses hearing from an unsatisfied customer due to their inability to solve problems.

Below is a photo of the first leak. I have attempted to fix the issue three times now. I now have gear oil all over my new components throughout the undercarriage.

Originally Posted by welndmn View Post
That's a huge grip for, 2 axle leaks? Is that what your issue is?
Why not post up here some of your issues and see if Pirate can help?
While mounting a link arm to a diff cover is not the best idea, it does work.
Yes, I am finding that out the hard way. This leads back to my point to not take advice from GenRight employees. If anyone has a known cure for a diff leak that is associated with movement in the control arm mount tied into a diff cover let me know. I have done everything to spec according to Currie and GenRight.
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