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Originally Posted by welndmn View Post
What's you desired outcome?
I understand you spent a lot of money with them, but while your first post quoted "started to experience problems with multiple parts they sold me" it sounds like you are only dealing with 2 axle leaks.

Selling custom axles is a pain. As the customer, your option would be to replace it yourself, or crate up the axles and ship them back. A company can't replace that part for you.

I'm sure this time of year you will have a hard time reaching Tony as he's busy with King of the Hammers, but if anything try facebook.

Axle seals always seem to have a 90% success rate, sometimes they just leak.
For the front axle, it's really hard to tell from the pictures, but I'd try a aftermarket diff cover, those are flatter and thicker so they do seal better. Talk to Genright and I'm sure they will make you a heck of a deal on one because of your issues.

I don't care to crate up and send anything back nor am I looking for anyone to replace the axles over some leaks/issues. The point of the post is simply to put my experience out there for others to consider when doing business. My experience with GenRight has been subpar and through the encouragement of others I have decided to share the experience. The problems go beyond the leaks and given I only have a few miles on the build thus far I am waiting to see what else actually goes as far as to fail. I will admit that I made the huge mistake of taking advice from GenRight.

As for an acceptable outcome I would like to have the rear leak fixed and the bill sent to and paid for by GenRight, it's the least they could do and would be a minimal expense for them (would be more the gesture than anything on their part). As for the front mount which is the problem not the leak (the leak has caused a mess all over components under the rig all the way back to the GenRight fuel tank), it would be nice if they would give me some sort of refund for the mount and offer up assist with a solution on how to mount that front upper arm. Keep in mind the rig only has about 2,500 to 3,000 miles on the build and I am already experiencing maintenance issues. Note I have gone over the front three times now and each time I refill the diff it breaks loose after a matter of days and releases oil under the rig again. This is frustrating because it costs me time, money on fluids and most importantly a mess all over the components. It's a cycling issue, does one really want to refill only to have it happen again? It's going to the shop next week so we will be exploring new solutions. I'll get it figured out and share my solution. Thanks for reading and taking the time to make suggestions.

Originally Posted by Dookey View Post
Can you post pics of the bracket coming off the diff cover? Guess I've never heard of such a thing.
This was when everything was nice and oil free. Best pic I have at the moment.

Mount for sale on GenRight's site.

Upper Control Arm Mount, Currie Rock Jock 60 | GenRight Jeep Parts

Originally Posted by Beat95YJ View Post
wow. What a whiny bitch.
Looking to get a rise out of someone, lol. If you don't like to listen to whiny bitches stay out of the Bad Sellers/Disputes section. I can help you tho.. come on up to Tahoe and I'll show you how whiney bitches take out their frustrations.
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