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Figured I'll just keep kinda updating this, hopefully somebody can let me know if I'm about to do something really stupid, except the whole Dana 50 thing, but whatever.

Here are the axles. Paint is all stripped off of the passenger side front for some reason. Missing all the steering stuff. I think I'm gonna try and figure out how to make the stock Excursion steering work with the Cherokee box, keep steering simple for now. Will probably get an upgrade at some point, but I've always been the "do things in stages" type, no money to just do everything at once.

We did order the Artec truss, should be here in a week or two hopefully.

Picked up a set of 2012 F250 wheels with the stock 265/70R17s on them, not bad looking wheels

Swap all done, looks good to me

Fitting 37s is gonna be fun. Definitely gonna have to get a bit taller and some fender cutting is definitely in the the books.

Sounds like we are also gonna send off for RuffStuff's frame plating kit along with the rear leaf perches and the DIY Jeep long-arm kit. I know a lot of people don't seem to like the radius arm stuff very much, but it's just so simple and inexpensive for now that it makes the most sense.

I am curious though about placement of the frame mounts. With the frame plating kit, is the frame on these things strong enough that we can just weld the hanger on the underside of the frame right forward of the trans crossmember, or should we look at making a new crossmember with the upper mounts integrated?
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